Thales mortar systems to be mounted on the GRIFFON

The consortium formed by Nexter‭, ‬Arquus and Thales‭. ‬This latest award‭, ‬known as MEPAC‭, ‬covers the delivery of 54‭ ‬additional Griffon multi-role armoured vehicles‭ (‬VBMR)equipped with Thales’s 120-mm 2R2M‭ (‬Rifled Recoiled Mounted Mortar‭) ‬system‭.‬
The mounted mortar system will provide added mobility and precision in front-line combat operations as well as better protection‭ ‬for soldiers‭. ‬In particular‭, ‬the Thales system has built its reputation on its semi-automatic loading system and the precision‭ ‬of its rifled barrel‭. ‬In addition to structural modifications to the system architecture‭, ‬this new version will include significant changes‭.‬
The rear compartment of the vehicle will be modified to accommodate the weapon system‭, ‬mortar operators and the mortar rounds needed on the mission‭. ‬Roof hatches will also be installed to open or close the top of the vehicle as the needs of the battlegroup‭ ‬evolve‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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