«Textron » presents its latest rifles to the US Army

Textron Systems‭, ‬a US defence contractor‭, ‬a part of the US conglomerate Textron‭, ‬demonstrated two versions of the new generation‭ ‬automatic rifle developed as part of the NGSW program‭.‬

NGSW rifles will replace the infantry and close combat units M249‭ ‬and M4A1‭, ‬both of which fire 5.56mm rounds‭.‬

The new weapon system’s computerized low-risk 6.8‭ ‬mm CT scanning system provides significant performance improvements over current Army systems‭.‬

The design features improved accuracy and faster speed to enhance performance‭, ‬as well as reduced weight for both weapons and ammunition compared to current Army systems‭, ‬and includes advanced suppression technology to reduce the firing signature and improve autonomous control‭.‬

The 6.8mm automatic rifle also enhances performance while significantly reducing weight and improving the ergonomics‭ / ‬controls‭ ‬of the current M249‭ ‬weapon‭.‬

Al Jundi

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