Tawazun unveils an innovative virtual training solution

Tawazun Economic Council (Tawazun) has unveiled an innovative virtual training solution through its partnership with six defence and aerospace companies and four universities in order to ensure continuance of the SEEDS (Sustain and Enhance Emiratization in Defence and Security) program by creating virtual internships.
60UAE national engineering students benefit from the program that enables them to complete their summer industrial training at major defence companies. This allows Tawazun to ensure the continuity of the program amid the recent Covid-19 situation. Six defence and aerospace contractors, including Lockheed Martin, Thales, Nexter Systems, CAE, Diehl Group and Naval Group continue as SEEDS partners even though the students were unable to be physically present at the individual company’s facilities.
The engineering students currently attend Khalifa University, UAE University, Abu Dhabi Polytechnic and Higher College of Technology. All are required to complete an internship with a reputable company in an engineering-related field in order to complete their respective degree programs.
Training plans were presented by each defence company to the universities, in order to get the necessary approvals, based on their requirements. The candidates then went through a selection process for the positions.
Now instead of a physical internship, each selected student will be participating in an innovative virtual engineering internship. The engineering majors of the interns include the following subjects; Communication Science, Computer Science, Software Development, Cyber Security, Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace and Electro-mechanical engineering.
The SEEDS program was launched in February 2019 as one of the new pillars of Tawazun Economic Council’s policy framework. Under SEEDS, Emirati nationals at senior and mid-management levels, as well as fresh graduates of various specialties are given an opportunity to work closely with the world’s top defence and aerospace manufacturers and develop their skill sets. The SEEDS program enables future UAE engineers to gain exposure and access to a protected industry.
“A key priority is to build on the knowledge and innovation-based economy within the UAE, by supporting the growth and development of our national engineering students.” said Matar Ali Al Romaithi, Chief Economic Development Officer of Tawazun.
“We are pleased to be able to work with our partners in such a creative way. Our students will continue to have access to valuable internships that will lead to their future employment, both benefitting themselves and the UAE defence and security industry as a whole”.

Al Jundi

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