Tawazun Economic Program launches into space – in collaboration with NSSTC and Airbus

Tawazun Economic Council‭ (‬Tawazun‭) ‬has formed a collaboration with Airbus and the National Space Science and Technology Center‭ (‬NSSTC‭) ‬from the UAE university‭, ‬to build and develop a Satellite Assembly‭, ‬Integration and Testing‭ (‬AIT‭) ‬Center with the aim of‭ ‬manufacturing components and assembling‭, ‬integrating and testing small to medium satellites‭.‬

The AIT Satellite Center will develop and build communication‭, ‬navigation and hyperspectral satellites ranging in size between 50‭ ‬and 250‭ ‬Kilograms and it is planned to commence operations at the beginning of 2021‭. ‬

The Center will be based at the NSSTC facilities in Al Ain‭, ‬with Airbus supporting NSSTC during the design‭, ‬outfitting and commissioning of the facility‭. ‬Airbus will also manage the procurement‭, ‬installation and operational qualification required for the equipment‭. ‬

The collaboration was established and facilitated by Tawazun as part of its important role as an industry enabler dedicated to driving a collaborative defence and security ecosystem‭, ‬securing and progressing technology development‭, ‬and building national competencies and skills within the UAE‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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