Stryker A1 with 30 mm weapon system ready for production

During the hypothetical version of AUSA 2020 Exhibition, the Defense Association of the United States Army Association, General Dynamics Land Systems, presented its Stryker A1 8 × 8 armored vehicle with a medium-caliber weapon system fitted with a 30 mm automatic cannon.

In 2018, General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) delivered 30 mm cannons to the US Army’s Stryker Fleet, with Infantry Combat Vehicle ICV-Dragoon in cooperation with Kongsberg Defense.

Now in 2020, General Dynamics Land Systems is proud to introduce the Stryker MCWS, (Medium Caliber Weapon System) – upgraded over two years and fully integrated into the new Stryker A1 chassis.

On the other hand, General Dynamics and Kongsberg jointly developed a 30mm turret for integration into the US Army’s Stryker A1 infantry carrier vehicles.

Al Jundi

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