South Korea Successfully Develops AESA Radar for Its Fighter Aircraft

South Korean company Hanwha Systems has successfully developed an AESA radar for its fighter aircraft. The development of the domestically manufactured AESA radar is a response to the United States’ refusal to supply South Korea with the AESA radar used in its F-35 stealth aircraft.

The United States had objected to providing South Korea with key AESA radar technology, despite South Korea operating F-35 fighter jets.

Hanwha stated that the AESA radar underwent testing onboard the KF-21 aircraft to verify its performance.

It is worth noting that the AESA radar is the main avionics equipment for the KF-21 aircraft, directing the radar beam electronically through approximately 1,000 small transmit/receive units on the fighter’s antenna and adjusting the radio wave phase.

Al Jundi

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