South Korea develops Iron Dome-like interception system

South Korea said it has decided to develop its own interception system, similar to Israel’s Iron Dome, to defend the country’s key infrastructure against long-range artillery threats from North Korea.

The Defense Project Promotion Committee, chaired by Defense Minister Suh Wook, approved the 2.89 trillion won (US$2.56 billion) project, which is expected to start next year and be completed by 2035, according to the Department of Defense Acquisition Program (DAPA).

“The project is designed to secure an interception system with our own technologies to enhance our capabilities to counter long-range enemy artillery threats to protect critical facilities and military and security infrastructure,” the administration said in a statement.

Last year, the Defense Ministry pledged to build an air defense system as a long-term plan. Iron Dome is designed to detect, identify and destroy threats such as short-range missiles, artillery shells and drones.

Al Jundi

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