South Korea develops a new aircraft carrier

During the MADEX 2021 military exhibition, South Korea revealed a project for a new aircraft carrier that it will be build for its navy. The new carrier will have a water displacement rate of 45,000 tons, and will be able to sail at a speed of 27 knots, and will carry a crew of 1,400 people.

The design of the carrier meets the requirements of the South Korean Navy, especially in terms of the possibility of transporting combat aircraft and helicopters at the same time, as it is assumed that its cabins can accommodate 12 fighters, and there will be 16 other fighters on its surface, in addition to a space designated for transporting nine helicopters.

It is supposed that this carrier will be armed with defense systems that include a defense system on the rear of the hull and another on the front, as well as air defense missile systems, and missile launch systems that deal with various types of hostile targets.

Al Jundi

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