Smart KAB bombs for future fighters

The armament of future fighter aircraft will not be limited to hypersonic and cruise missiles, but will also include smart bombs that hit specific targets with extreme precision, like guided missiles, which increases the effectiveness of air strikes and prevents hitting what is not targeted.
Russia began producing smart bombs in the last century. The “KAB-500” bomb appeared in 1975. It was recently modified to become one of the most sophisticated and effective guided bombs. Russia began producing the latest version of the “KAB-500” bomb, the KAB 500S in the 21st century.

To enhance its flight ability, the tail of the “KAB-500S” bomb has a winglet of 750 mm. And it explodes as soon as it hits the target or after it enters the facility to be destroyed. After being dropped from the plane, it is guided by satellites.

The “KAB-500S” bomb was designed to destroy depots, military industry installations and ships in ports, day and night, and in all weather conditions. The “KAB-500S” bomb guarantees the destruction of targets whose coordinates are recognized earlier or entered during preparation to drop the bomb.

It was developed to equip the fifth-generation fighter and”Su-57″ the Su-32, Su-34 and Su-35.

Al Jundi

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