SCARABEE The first hybrid light armored vehicle

Arquus may still be a young brand, but it originates from famous brands, the most known being Renault Trucks Defense and Panhard. Through that legacy, Arquus already has a long-running relationship with the UAE, having supplied hundreds of Panhard M3 and AML armored vehicles to the Army.

The company has also supplied several vehicles to various armies in the Middle East and North Africa, including Sherpa, Bastion, VLRA, VBL, VAB and VAB Mk3 fleets, many of which are also supported by Arquus’ teams.

Originating from Panhard, Arquus also has a special relationship with light armored and reconnaissance vehicles. At IDEX 2021, Arquus wanted to show only their very best, the result of two years’ worth of hard work. The show was a perfect occasion to exhibit, for the very first time abroad, their latest, most advanced vehicle, which could very well be the new reference for light armored reconnaissance and combat vehicles: the Scarabee.

In many ways, the Scarabee is a breakthrough vehicle. It is the very first military hybrid-drive armored reconnaissance vehicle ever. Hybridity is essential to modern combat missions: thanks to its electrical machine and its high-capacity batteries, the Scarabee can move and action several sensors and energy-consuming systems while being perfectly silent. These capabilities allow for long watches, making the Scarabee a perfect tool for scouting, intelligence gathering and target engagement support.

Compact, highly mobile and stealthy, the 8-ton Scarabee can tackle any environment, from desert combat to confined or urban environment. With its two steering axles, it boasts very short turning radius, while its high-power 300hp engine gives it very high mobility and acceleration, even reinforced by a “boost” mode combining both thermal and electrical engines.

Versatile and modular, it can be equipped with a very large array of weapons, including RCWS and anti-tank missiles. It can thus serve as a reconnaissance car, a light cavalry vehicle fitted with a powerful autocannon, a missile-carrying tank killer or a mobile command post. It can serve in air assault units or quick reaction forces, accompany infantry units or pair up with IFVs or MBTs.

As the new definition for reconnaissance vehicles, it is perfectly suitable for modern armies or elite security forces seeking to equip themselves with light, versatile, highly mobile and powerful vehicles.

There is a very fast-growing demand for more advanced capabilities for light armored combat vehicles and the Scarabee delivers exactly that.

The Scarabee has received a very warm welcome from all delegates and visitors to the IDEX 2021 show, including their Highnesses the Crown Princes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. ●


Al Jundi

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