Saudi Arabia unveils development of MRAP Tuwaiq 2 vehicle

Official Saudi sources recently revealed that the Kingdom’s Armored Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Factory designed the “Tuwaiq 2” military vehicle and installed it on a single chassis (UNIMOG 5000) used by German Mercedes-Benz trucks with load capacity of 14.5 tons.

The structure of “Tuwaiq 2” body is designed in the shape of (V) letter, and the vehicle has many specifications and advantages, the most important of which are; providing superior protection against ballistics, landmines, and explosive devices. It is characterized by high tactical and combat mobility in rugged terrain, in addition to specific engagement operations and various multi missions.

The vehicle is also equipped a system to protect the crew against explosions, landmines, as well as a protection system against nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. The angular design of the vehicle windows contributes to bullets deflection and dispersion during the explosion. Protection of the vehicle can be enhanced by increasing its armor level.

Al Jundi

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