«Safran» to supply NH90 helicopters with new-gen EuroflirTM 410 observation system

‭ ‬Safran Electronics‭ & ‬Defense has won a contract from Airbus Helicopters to supply new-generation Euroflir™410‭ ‬observation systems for ten NH90-TTH Caiman helicopters deployed by French Special Forces‭. ‬These new Standard 2‭ ‬helicopters‭ ‬will allow French forces to handle the full range of utility missions‭. ‬

The new-generation Euroflir™410‭ ‬is capable of detecting and identifying threats at a distance of several kilometers‭, ‬thus boosting the operational capabilities of French Special Forces and enabling them to carry out even the most demanding missions day or night‭, ‬and in the worst weather conditions‭. ‬Designed and produced in France by Safran‭, ‬the EuroflirTM 410‭ ‬is a compact and modular optronic‭ (‬electro-optical‭) ‬system that offers unrivaled observation capability under any conditions of visibility‭, ‬in large part due to its very-long-range multispectral telescope and high-performance line-of-sight stabilization‭. ‬Furthermore‭, ‬because it can be easily integrated with mission systems and used in conjunction with wide-field-of-view Eurofl’eye™‭ ‬optronics‭, ‬pilots can take full advantage of all its functions to reduce their workload in the cockpit‭ .‬

Al Jundi

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