SABER & Milrem Robotics to co-develop unmanned ground systems for the UAE

SABER Investment Company and Milrem Robotics, the European leader in ground robotics, have begun collaborating in the development of robotic ground systems, in order to fulfill the requirements of customers in the United Arab Emirates.
The collaboration between the two companies will involve technology transfer to the Emirates and the enhancement of local expertise in artificial intelligence and autonomous capabilities. This collaboration is a direct result of the cooperation agreement that was signed last year by the Estonian Defence Industry Association (EDIA) and the Emirates Defence Companies Council (EDCC) at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) 2019. In addition to developments regarding unmanned ground robots and autonomous navigation, the collaboration will focus on wider integration of various manned and unmanned systems.
Milrem’s agnostic technology platform can be scaled and integrated into any customer application and end user requirement.
The system is intended to provide combat support and carry supplies with an option to integrate additional kinetic or non-kinetic payloads.
SABER, a pioneer of 43 years of disruptive innovation and a leader in bringing to market the latest in technology innovations. With the Milrem Robotics ‘technology platform’ SABER leads the way in unmanned solutions and A.I.-centric system integration, the thing which allows them to develop a locally superior defence and civil platform.

Al Jundi

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