S. Korea to develop Iron Dome-like interceptor system against N.K. long-range artillery

South Korea will begin developing its own interceptor system like Israel’s Iron Dome in the next five years to defend the country’s core infrastructure in the capital area against North Korea’s long-range artillery threats‭, ‬the defence ministry said lately‭.‬

The ministry also said it will officially begin procedures to acquire a light aircraft carrier next year and start the production of a homegrown fighter jet which is currently under development‭.‬

When we talk about South Korea’s missile defence system‭, ‬it usually refers to one targeting North Korea’s Scud-type or stronger‭ ‬missiles‭, ‬whereas this new interceptor system will focus on protecting the capital area against the North’s long-range artillery‭ ‬such as its 240-mm or 300-mm multiple rocket launchers‭,” ‬a ministry official said‭.‬

The actual deployment of the Korean version of‭  ‬Iron Dome air defence system is expected to be put into force in the late 2020s‭ ‬or early 2030s‭, ‬officials said‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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