Russian paratrooper vehicle turns into a «tank killer»

The BTRK armoured vehicle, equipped with D-1 Kornet missiles, for paratroopers, is a model for the famous “Tank Killer” that the Russian Army had unveiled at the “Army Forum” exhibition.

The “Kornet” missiles, which are integrated in the Paratroopers’ “Tank Killer”, can destroy armored targets 10 kilometers away. Among them are the most powerful contemporary tanks as well as various types of low-flying air targets such as armored helicopters and drones. The Tank Killer has the ability to destroy fortified engineering facilities as well. The “BTRK” (Tank Killer) paratrooper armored vehicle has 8 launchers for “Kornet” ready-to-fire anti-tank missiles, as well as a sufficient quantity of spare ones. Its modern aiming devices allow missiles to be fired day and night.

Al Jundi

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