Russian Navy receives first stealth frigate

The Russian warship “Mercury” being built in Petersburg will become the first frigate in the Russian Navy that is fully compatible with “stealth” technologies.

The stealth frigate is expected to start service in the Russian Navy by 2022.

As reported by the Russian “Novosti” agency, after the completion of its construction, the ship will acquire a special shape with a minimum number of armored towers and protruding installations.

Various types of composite materials and a special coating that absorbs radio waves will be used when building the frigate’s hull.

The length of the frigate is 109 meters, its width is 13 meters, its speed is 39 knots, and its cruising range is 5000 nautical miles.

The stealth frigate is expected to be equipped with a 100-mm cannon, 30-mm automatic cannons, the “Redut” anti-air missile system, anti-submarine torpedoes and “Kaliber” winged missiles. The frigate is also expected to carry drones on board.

Al Jundi

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