Russian Helicopters equips combat helicopters with new high-speed rotor blades

The Russian Helicopters holding company‭ (‬part of RostecState Corporation‭), ‬has lately equipped Mi-28‭ ‬and Mi-35‭ ‬combat helicopters with new fully composite rotor blades designed to increase the maximum speed of these platforms‭.‬

The blade possesses modern aerodynamic characteristics and elastic composition‭; ‬it is manufactured by using the technology of one-stage compression molding‭. ‬It was tested as part of the flying laboratory of a new high-speed helicopter concept‭. ‬

‭”‬During the testing‭, ‬the flying laboratory based on Mi-24‭ ‬helicopter equipped with a set of new blades‭, ‬reached a speed of more‭ ‬than 400‭ ‬km/h without the need to change the base helicopter design‭. ‬At the same time‭, ‬manufacturers managed to maintain low vibration and load levels‭.‬

The new rotor blades are currently undergoing factory flight tests on a Mi-28N helicopter‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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