Russian “carrier killer” sinks a virtual enemy ship

The Russian “Oriol” submarine recently launched a “Granite” winged missile, nicknamed “aircraft carrier killer”, against a training target in the Barents Sea simulating the potential enemy ships, and successfully hit it.

A statement on the Russian North Sea Fleet stated that the missile hit a target simulating a large ship of the potential enemy, more than 120 km from the launch point, after the area was closed to ship navigation and aircraft flights.

In an interview with the Russian military expert, Yuri Knutov, he indicated that the “Granite” missiles are still the basis of the Russian “shield” against warships and enemy aircraft carriers, expressing his confidence that the matter will remain so until the upgraded “Zircon” missile solutions.

He stated that the “Granite” missile was previously dubbed “the carrier killer” before the emergence of “Zircon” .

Al Jundi

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