Russian Army to possess a stealth missile

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the presence of new deterrent weapons, including the ” Burevestnik” missile, which is a nuclear-powered missile that the Russian army has not yet obtained, but is ready to enter service as soon as the United States refuses to extend the agreement to reduce strategic offensive weapons.

The ” Burevestnik” missile is more dangerous because it is considered a stealth missile, which is impossible for a specialized satellite to detect, except at the moment of launch, that is, within 3 seconds.

The Russian Military Industries Complex newspaper “VBC” suggested that the ” Burevestnik” missile can fly at a speed ranging between 1100 and 1300 kilometers per hour, and early warning planes can only detect it when the distance between it and a target is not more than 32 kilometers, i.e. the air defence systems do not detect such a missile until it has destroyed a specific target.

Al Jundi

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