Russian army tests the unique «Sprut» tank

At a time when the state corporation‭ “‬Rostec‭”, ‬which manages the military technology sector in Russia‭, ‬recently announced that the Russian armed forces had begun testing the‭ “‬Sprut‭” ‬tank‭, ‬Russia received an order for the‭ “‬Sprut SDM1‭” ‬tank from a Middle Eastern country‭, ‬according to Russian sources‭. ‬There are other countries that have expressed their interest in this tank‭.‬
The‭ “‬Sprut SDM1‭” ‬was built as a floating armored tracked combat vehicle‭, ‬and is in fact a light tank with its firepower comparable to modern tanks such as the‭ “‬T-80‭” ‬and‭ “‬T-90‭”, ‬and is ahead of it in the ability to cross water obstacles as it is a floating‭ ‬vehicle‭.‬
The‭ “‬Sprut SDM1‭” ‬tank has a 125‭ ‬mm artillery rocket system‭. ‬It can be provided with fuel enough for 500‭ ‬kilometers‭, ‬and it can also be transported by landing ships and transport aircraft‭.‬
According to Vladimir Artyakov‭, ‬First Deputy Director General of Rostec‭, ‬the‭ “‬Sprut‭” ‬tank is unmatched in the world‭. ‬●

Al Jundi

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