Russian army receives “Tank Terminator”

The Russian company “Uralvagonzavod” has supplied the first batch of tank support vehicles (Terminator-2) of a new generation to units of the Russian army.

It is worth noting that “Terminator-2” is an upgraded model of the tank support vehicle “Terminator-1” (Tank Killer). The “Terminator-1” was placed on the platform of the T-72 tank. Its main difference from the “Tank Killer-1” is limited to the number of crew members, which has been reduced from 5 to 3 people.

The vehicle is equipped with two 30-mm automatic cannons, a PKTM heavy machine gun and 4 “Ataka” anti-tank guided missile systems.

The “Terminator” vehicle is intended to accompany tanks on the battlefield, carry out reconnaissance and protect friendly tanks from the fire of anti-tank guns, portable and stationary anti-tank missiles and hostile grenade launchers.

Al Jundi

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