Russia Unveils New Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun

Russia has unveiled its latest 8×8 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system, known as the Short-Range Air Defence (SHORAD) system, specifically the ZAK-23E model.

This system features two 23mm ZU-23 automatic cannons, mounted on an armoured personnel carrier.

With a firing rate of up to 3500 rounds per minute, the ZAK-23E can engage targets within a range of up to 2.5 kilometres and at altitudes of up to 2000 metres.

Equipped with advanced electro-optical sensors, this anti-aircraft gun can autonomously engage incoming aerial threats such as drones, helicopters, and airborne missiles.

The armoured personnel carrier BTR-82A functions as the platform for the ZAK-23E, which is an improved version of the previous BTR-80A model, providing enhanced firepower, mobility, and protection.

Al Jundi

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