Russia unveils a modern anti-ballistic missile system

Russia recently unveiled a new 98R6E Abakan short-range anti tactical ballistic missile system.

The letter “E” indicates that it was developed specifically for export and it appears to have lower specification export version of the modern S-500 missile system.

The 51P6E2 launch vehicle is based on the BAZ-69096 series trucks with a 10×10 system and it carries two missiles

The Russian Abakan system uses 9M82MDE missiles that can reach a range of up to 30 km and an altitude of up to 25 km.

It is worth noting that these missiles are primarily effective against short-range and tactical ballistic missiles, however the developers claim that the Abakan was never designed to provide protection against ICBMs.

The second missile can be launched at an interval of two seconds after the first, and both missiles can be launched at the same target.

The short reaction of this system takes 6 minutes, starting from the moment of preparing the vehicle for firing.

Al Jundi

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