Russia tests new nuclear icebreaker

The new icebreaker called the “Ural” is the third nuclear icebreaker developed by Russia within the framework of project “22220”, on which work began in 2016, and was first deployed in water in May 2019.

Russia is developing ships within the framework of the aforementioned project, to act as icebreakers capable of escorting ships and sea convoys from the Arctic regions, carrying out rescue missions as well as making way for ships in waters with ice up to 2.8 m thick.

These icebreakers have been equipped with independent 60 megawatts nuclear power stations, with a life span of 320,000 hours.

These ships are 173.3 m long, 34 meters wide, 15.2 m high, with a water displacement rate of 33,500 tons.

Al Jundi

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