Russia tests BMPT “Terminator” vehicles

Russian Defence Ministry Sources announced that the BMPT “Terminator” vehicles will be subjected to new practical tests during the “Caucasus-2020” military excercises this month.

The aforementioned vehicles will carry out during the exercises several types of tasks, such as destroying enemy targets that will pose a threat to heavy and light armor, including fixed or vehicle-borne armor missile systems or carried by soldiers, and dealing with enemy military points where soldiers are stationed using machine guns or rifles. The Terminator vehicle will also be used as a protection and escort vehicle for BMB and BTR vehicles.

The Terminator vehicles are built on the T-90 and T-90-S tank platforms, which are characterized by high maneuverability and rapid movement even on the most difficult and rugged roads, as well as they are equipped with two 30 mm automatic cannons and a machine gun from 7.62 mm and 2 30 mm grenade launchers, in addition to “ATAKA” anti-tank armored missiles.

Al Jundi

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