Russia stages first ship-launched ‘tsirkon’ hypersonic missile test

“The Admiral Gorshkov [guided missile frigate] test-launched the Tsirkon missile in early January from the Barents Sea on a ground target at a military range in the northern Urals,” one source told TASS. The news agency’s other source said that more sea launches are planned this year for the Tsirkon, which flew a distance of more than 500 kilometers. Tsirkon will be deployable on all advanced Russian ships currently under development, according to TASS. The Tsirkon program began in 2011 and entered the active testing stage in 2015. Previous reporting has suggested that the Tsirkon test trials in 2012 were held on board the Tu-22M3 bomber.
The “Tsirkon” missile is characterized by its speed of about 9 Mach (i.e. 9 times the speed of sound), and that it can hit sea and ground targets more than a thousand kilometers away, and it can be launched from surface ships and submarines.

Al Jundi

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