Russia reveals new Hermes anti- tank missile

At the International Military-Technical Forum‭ ‬“Army-2020”‭, ‬the Russian guided weapons complex‭ ‬“Hermes”‭, ‬developed by the JSC‭ ‬“Instrument-Making Design Bureau“‭, ‬was demonstrated for the first time‭.‬

It is stated that this new product is equally effective both during the day and at night‭. ‬With its help‭, ‬you can destroy various‭ ‬armored vehicles‭, ‬including main battle tanks‭, ‬various fortifications‭, ‬and sea and air targets‭.‬

The firing range reaches 100‭ ‬km‭. ‬The rocket‭, ‬weighing 130‭ ‬kg with a container‭, ‬has a high-explosive fragmentation warhead weighing 30‭ ‬kg‭. ‬Its maximum flight speed is 1300‭ ‬meters per second‭ .‬Not only single launches are possible‭, ‬but also salvo launches against group targets‭.‬

Elements of‭ ‬“Hermes”‭ ‬are installed on three-axle‭ ‬“KAMAZ”‭ ‬cross-country high mobile vehicles as well as on other types of military platforms‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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