Russia reveals a new armored vehicle at the “Army – 2021” forum

At the Seventh Russian Military-Technical Forum “Army – 2021”, the “Ka-4386” eight-wheeled armored vehicle, which is intended to conduct special operations in the desert, made its debut.

The weight of the armored vehicle is 12 tons, and it can carry 2,000 kilograms. Its engine produces 350 horsepower. Its top speed on the paved road is 100 kilometers per hour. It is also capable of traversing two meters deep water obstacles.

The armored vehicle has devices that protect it against bullets and shrapnel, as well as against mines and explosive devices of all kinds.

It is provided with an armored turret equipped with a 12.7 mm “Kord” machine gun that can be used against military personnel, vehicles and light air targets such as drones.

The armored vehicle was also equipped with laser-guided “Kornet” missiles that can destroy all types of modern foreign tanks, as well as high-explosive thermal munitions.

An 82mm mortar can be installed in the backside of the vehicle to support attacking friendly units.

Al Jundi

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