Russia is working on the production of the modern “Ka-52M” helicopter

Russia is developing a modern combat helicopter “Ka-52M”, which will be ready in two years.

Military expert Victor Murakhovsky explained that the “Ka-52M” helicopter is more maneuverable, and this is what distinguishes it mainly from other combat helicopters, including Russian Mi-28 helicopters, American “Apache” helicopters and others. As for the “Ka-52M” helicopter, its modernization mainly included on-board electronic armament, where there is a new radar system, and a new electronic and optical surveillance and guidance system.

The Ka-52 M is a reconnaissance and attack helicopter that can fly combat missions in any weather and at any time of the day.

The Ka-52M helicopters will be equipped with new navigation and targeting systems, a fire control system and a communications complex, and the armament will include a new cruise missile, known as the “product 305”.

Al Jundi

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