Russia Develops New Rotary-Wing Target Drone

JSC CSTS Dinamika‭, ‬part of‭  ‬Technodinamika Group‭, ‬has successfully passed the state trials of the latest target simulator with a‭ ‬rotary-wing target drone system‭.‬

This is the first unmanned rotorcraft belonging to this size group ever designed‭, ‬built and tested in Russia‭. ‬With takeoff weight at an impressive 315‭ ‬kg‭, ‬its flight endurance makes up at least 1‭ ‬hour‭, ‬altitude‭ ‬‑‭ ‬2,500‭ ‬m and operational range‭ ‬‑‭ ‬at least 100‭ ‬km‭, ‬while operating ambient temperature can vary from‭ ‬‑30°c to‭ +‬40°c‭.‬

“The Dinamika Center for Scientific and Technical Services has successfully completed the trials of the simulator with unmanned aerial vehicles‭. ‬The system is intended to simulate low-speed drones and helicopters in the trials of experimental and upgraded weapon systems and for other purposes‭,‬”‭ ‬the press office said‭.‬

The state trials were held on a scale sufficient for starting the manufacture of the system’s pilot batch‭. ‬

Al Jundi

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