Russia develops new generation of coastal radars

Russia’s Salyut leading research and production enterprise for developing ship borne radar systems has patented a mobile coastal defense over-the-horizon radar station with unique specifications.

This company seeks to develop new mobile coastal radars with properties that make it hard for the targets to detect their radiation signature.

These radars will also be capable of detecting and tracking naval and air targets, including small high-speed moving targets

These new radars will help bring Russian coastal radar stations to a qualitatively new level. The mobile coastal defense over-the-horizon radar with its stealth emissions will enable strike weapons furnished with missiles operational within a range of around 400 km.

According to developers, these new radars will have unique capabilities enabling them to change the mechanism of directing their frequencies in the air making them very resistant to jamming by electronic warfare systems.

They will also have active antennas mounted on portable vehicles equipped with power stations, to facilitate their movement and use in different coastal areas.

Al Jundi

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