Russia develops mobile radars

Russia-based Ruselectronics has unveiled new mobile radars called OPK-32D2M.

The new military radars are capable of detecting targets at great distances on different battlefields.

According to Ruselectronics’ experts, the OPK-32D2M radars will be installed on the KAMAZ-1340 Russian military vehicles, which would facilitate their transport to suit the needs of various military units.

With a range of 2500 km, the radars will identify sources of radio transmissions between 1.5 to 30 MHz and will boast the ability to detect and track about 100 targets simultaneously.

Ruselectronics’ experts say “their new radars can automatically detect and classify radio signals, as well as encode and decode signals, allowing for secure communication with radars and remote-controlled military equipment.”

Al Jundi

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