“Rostec” talks about future grenade launchers

“In the future, anti-tank grenade launchers will work uncharacteristically in the future”, said Nikolai Sereda, head of the design bureau of the NPO Basalt bureau of the Tikhmash company, which is part of Rostec.

Sereda said that the priority of these bombs will not be to penetrate armour, but to disable armoured vehicles in other ways.

He continued, “We may not need to penetrate the armour of tanks, but rather stop the work of their devices and stop the engine,” adding that penetrating armour is no longer a priority for these launchers in their development stage.

The “RPG-7” version is the most advanced in its class, and it can fire more than one type of projectile, including lethal projectiles, thermal projectiles, high-explosive missiles and anti-tank missiles.

RPGs are the least expensive, most effective and lightest weapon against armoured weapons.

Al Jundi

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