Roketsan presents an array of missile systems

Roketsan presents an array of missile systems and ammunitions which according to Mr‭. ‬Ufuk Ozdemir‭, ‬Marketing Manager‭, ‬Middle East and Africa‭, ‬are manufactured in accordance with Nato standards‭. ‬The most important were‭ ; ‬
The 2.75‭”‬‭ ‬Laser-Guided Missile CİRİT‭, ‬which has been developed with an innovative approach by Roketsan‭, ‬is a leader in its class of products thanks to its distinctive characteristics and performance ‭. ‬Used both by the Turkish Armed Forces‭ (‬TAF‭) ‬and the armies of friendly and allied nations‭, ‬CİRİT has proven its performance and effectiveness many times in the field ‭.‬
As a missile with the longest range in its class‭, ‬CİRİT can be used with different warheads in line with the requirements of the user‭. ‬These warheads can be listed as follows‭:‬
‭- ‬Thermobaric warhead‭;‬
‭- ‬Multipurpose warhead with anti-armor‭, ‬anti-personnel and incendiary effects‭;‬
‭- ‬High-explosive warhead ‭.‬
Smart Micro Munition Family
The Smart Micro Munition product family developed by Roketsan to meet current and future combat requirements‭, ‬consisting of MAM‭-‬L which is equipped with high explosive fragmentation warhead and is effective against light structures‭, ‬unarmored ground vehicles‭, ‬radar antennas and soft targets like weapon pits and personnel dispersed over a large area‭, ‬and MAM-C versions‭, ‬continues to‭ ‬perform as promised in combat operations ‭.‬
The Smart Micro Munition‭, ‬which can be integrated with the BAYRAKTAR TB2‭ ‬Tactical and ANKA MALE unmanned aerial vehicles‭ (‬UAV‭), ‬has been successfully used in operations since 2016‭. ‬Enhancing the efficiency of air platforms with a low payload capacity and particularly unmanned aerial vehicles‭, ‬the Smart Micro Munition will also enter the inventories of friendly and allied nations starting from 2019‭. ‬MAM-L and MAM-C outperform their rivals with not only their technologies‭, ‬but also their operational experience ‭.‬
SOM Family‭, ‬New Generation of Cruise Missiles‭ ‬
Work on the serial production and development of different versions of the Stand-Off Missile‭ (‬SOM‭), ‬which has been developed as‭ ‬an air-to-ground/surface cruise missile to meet the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces and those of friendly and allied nations‭, ‬continues at full speed‭. ‬The current members of the SOM product family are the SOM-A‭, ‬SOM-B1‭ ‬and SOM-B2‭ ‬versions for use‭ ‬against ground targets‭, ‬and the SOM-J version for use against naval targets ‭. ‬SOM-A and SOM-B1‭ ‬feature a high explosive blast fragmentation warhead‭; ‬SOM-B2‭ ‬has a tandem penetrator warhead‭; ‬and SOM-J has a semi-armor piercing warhead‭. ‬The missile can select‭ ‬between missions based on pre-flight programming and it is possible to select the parameters used to hit the target ‭.‬
The SOM product family‭, ‬developed based on the most recent doctrines and technologies related to cruise missiles‭, ‬stands out with its modular design‭, ‬which supports the required operational flexibility for use against ground and naval targets with active protection ‭. ‬

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