Rheinmetall successfully tests unmanned combat vehicle

German Tech company Rheinmetall successfully demonstrated the capabilities of a new unmanned combat vehicle in Sweden.

Once again, Rheinmetall’s Mission Master SP, an autonomous uncrewed ground vehicle (A-UGV) German, managed to demonstrate its versatility during a live-fire drill for six European allies.

During the demonstration, the A-UGV fired Thales FZ275 70 mm laser-guided rockets (LGRs).

The demonstration was conducted at the Trängslet base of the Swedish procurement agency (Försvarets Materielverk) FMV. It was attended by delegations from Belgium, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden.

The Rheinmetall Mission Master SP is considered a part of the family of Autonomous Ground Vehicles (A-UGV) developed by Rheinmetall Canada.



Al Jundi

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