Plasan unveils “ATeMM” platform

Plasan has unveiled an exciting new all-terrain electric mission module vehicle (ATeMM), a multi-mission, highly configurable electric vehicle platform.

The new ATeMM is considered a solution for Battlefield Circulation of Electricity (BCoE), featuring 200kW traction motor.

The ATeMM offers 1150 kg of payload and when two ATeMMs are connected in tandem, the total battery capacity is 94 kWh and the total payload is 2300 kg.

The ATeMM can be easily connected to any leading vehicle by a patented “3 point high speed connection” that enables the combined platform to perform as a 6×6 or 8×8 synchronized, flexible, and agile platform, allowing the operator a simple and easy driving experience.

The ATeMM-T can be detached from the host vehicle and operated via remote control.

Al Jundi

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