Petersburg exhibition reveals A prototype of minisub for human frogs

The Russian “Malakhit” Naval Design Bureau revealed at the “Petersburg” Naval Arms Fair a project for a small-sized “Serial” minisub, used by frogmen to carry out special underwater operations.

One of the most important features of the sub   is equipped with an engine independent of the outside air. The engine can operate both underwater and on the surface of the water. The underwater engine uses liquid oxygen delivered to the gas turbine. It can change its two working systems (the heavy system and the system that depends on the outside air) while the sub   is moving directly, and a special room is installed at the bottom of the submarine used to drop the frogmen.

As for the front of the submarine, it will be equipped with another very small “Triton” type minisub, driven by one of the underwater frogs. It can also transport other devices such as mines.

Al Jundi

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