Perseus… the European alternative to Exocet and Harpoon

A European surface-to-surface missile project between France and Britain to introduce a new surface-to-surface missile, an alternative to the Exocet and Harpoon missiles, which are currently used by the two navies, the missile is expected to be in service by 2030, and the European missile is being developed by MBDA.

Unlike Exocet and Harpoon missiles, Perseus will be a supersonic missile flying at Mach 3. It has a range of 300 km, a weight of 800 kg and a length of 5 m. It will be equipped with a main warhead weighing 200 kg, a detachable warhead of 40 kg and another 50 kg.

The missile has a very low radar signature and flies at very low altitudes to avoid detection by the radar systems. It can fly at a high altitude and pounce on the target from above, taking advantage of its great speed.

Al Jundi

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