Pakistan develops new combat submarines for its navy

Pakistan has started developing a new combat submarine for its army. the KSEW shipyard in Karachi witnessed on December 9, 2021 a ceremony dedicated to the start of the development of a new combat submarine of the Hangor type, which is a modified version of the Chinese Type-039B submarines.

Reports say that the Pakistani authorities agreed in 2015 to buy Chinese submarines for the navy in its army, and in 2016 Islamabad signed agreements with Beijing to develop 8 new combat submarines for the Pakistani army. Under these agreements, China will manufacture 4 submarines and send them to Pakistan between 2022 and 2023, and the other four submarines will be manufactured at the KSEW shipyard in Pakistan, and will be delivered to the Pakistani army before 2028.

These submarines can dive to a depth of 250 meters, and are armed with 533 mm torpedo systems, and they have the ability to launch Russian torpedoes and Yu-6 torpedoes.

Al Jundi

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