Norway restores a secret base to house US submarines

The Norwegian news station “NRK” reported that the Norwegian Navy is restoring the secret “Olafsfern” nuclear base with the aim of harboring American submarines there.

The source pointed out that the US Navy plans to deploy three “Seawolf” nuclear attack submarines there, adding that “an agreement on resuming military use of the base may be ready this week.”

Informed sources said that senior military officials from the United States visited the “Olafsfern” base in recent weeks, and that the Norwegian Ministry of Defence agreed last Friday to an agreement that allows the country’s army and the US army as NATO allies to use the base. “

The base “Olafsfern”, which closed in 2002, is a huge underground complex carved into a mountain at sea level near the northern city of Tromsø in a deep fjord, and there were docks to service and repair submarines, warehouses, storage facilities, and living quarters.

Al Jundi

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