Northrop to build the Air Force’s next-gen ICBMs

Northrop Grumman has captured a‭ $‬13.3‭ ‬billion award for the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent competition and will build the Air‭ ‬Force’s next-generation intercontinental ballistic missiles‭, ‬the service announced on Sept‭. ‬8‭.‬
Begining in 2029‭, ‬GBSD will start replacing the LGM-30G Minuteman III ICBMs‭, ‬which were fielded in 1970‭, ‬Northrop said in a statement‭.‬
According to the Air Force‭, ‬GBSD‭ ‬“will have increased accuracy‭, ‬enhanced security‭, ‬and improved reliability to provide the United States with an upgraded and broader array of strategic nuclear options to address the threats of today and the future‭.

Al Jundi

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