New rifles and machine guns for the Chinese army

The Chinese Army publicly unveiled its new generation of  service rifle, the QBZ191 5.8mm assault rifle and two new 191 Series rifles at the 2021 China Air Show,

These rifles received a great deal of positive feedback from the Chinese army soldiers and officers who were armed with these new weapons.

Also, on display were a shorter and lighter variant of the QBZ191 assault rifle, the QBZ192 rifle and a dedicated shooting or high-precision rifle of the 191 series, the QBU 191, as well as two new machine guns: the QJB201 5.8 mm and the QJY201 7.62 mm.

The QBZ191 series will be completely replaced by the QBZ95 series that is still in use by Chinese forces. Some forces that have used the new series have given positive feedback.

Al Jundi

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