New “Kronstadt” Submarine Enters Service in the Russian Navy

The Russian Navy has begun deploying a new submarine named “Kronstadt,” known for its ability to evade enemy radars due to its silent movement capabilities.

The submarine’s armaments include 533-millimeter torpedoes, Kalibr cruise missiles, and mines.

The Kronstadt has a range of 1200 kilometres and can stay submerged for up to a month and a half with a crew of 35 sailors.

The submarine has a displacement of 2650 tons underwater and 1765 tons on the surface, with a length of 66.6 meters and a width of 7.1 meters.

Moreover, it can dive to a depth of 300 meters and has a speed of 10 knots on the surface and 21 knots underwater. Additionally, it can carry 18 torpedoes that function as underwater missiles.

Al Jundi

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