New frigates for the British Royal Navy

Britain intends to build the new type 32 frigate, in addition to the frigates Type 26 and Type 31, with the hope of raising the escort fleet to 24 ships from 19 frigates currently. This comes after pumping 16.5 billion pounds over four years.

Referring to his promise to “restore Britain’s position as the number one naval power in Europe,” the British prime minister said: If there is one policy that strengthens the UK in every sense of the word, it is building more ships for the Royal Navy.

According to a government press release: “The £ 16.5 billion investment confirms our order of 8 Type 26 and 5 Type 31 frigates, commits us to the next generation of Type 32, and supports future powerful support ships that will supply our Carrier Strike range, in While this is reassuring news for the defence industry, the Ministry of Defence will not ignore the challenges ahead, to continue addressing the savings that remain required and the efficiencies we need to achieve. “

Al Jundi

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