New dual-use LOAM-V2 anti-collision system launched

At the Farnborough Airshow, Leonardo launched a new-generation dual-use laser anti-collision system for small to mid-sized platforms. Called LOAM-V2 (Laser Obstacle Avoidance and Monitoring), it weighs only 13 kg and is particularly compact in size. The new obstacle identification and alarm system for rotary wing aircraft promptly detects the presence of small obstacles along the route, such as cables as small as 5 mm in diameter, pillars and structures, offering the crew an opportunity to modify their altitude or direction.

LOAM-V2 – developed by Leonardo on the experience acquired with the previous version operative on NH90, EH-101 and CH-47 helicopters -, offers a unique ability to orient field of vision in order to guarantee broader coverage, thanks to “look-in-turn” technology permitting early detection of obstacles and generation of the appropriate warnings. When flying at low speeds, the system’s behaviour changes to provide up to 360 coverage. The active sensor can be integrated with other active and passive sensors such as radar, visual or infrared fixed or adjustable video cameras, and systems based on static databases of obstacles and digital maps.

Al Jundi

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