Morocco contracts for naval boats from Navantia

The Spanish company Navantia was awarded a contract to manufacture patrol boats for the Moroccan Navy.

According to the company, Morocco has identified the specifications of the contract for the construction of the patrol boat, in which shipyards from several countries have been interested. Navantia made its offer and a team from the company traveled to Morocco to negotiate the technical and commercial aspects.

Morocco is working to enhance its military hardware, especially naval defence capabilities. The Portuguese Minister of National Defence announced that Portugal would help Morocco develop its submarine capacity and the assets of depth warfare, and revealed the presence of Moroccan submarine crews in joint naval exercises on board the Portuguese submarine Arbau and Trident.

The Portuguese official said: In fact, the maritime field is important for cooperation between us, and we will work with Morocco to develop its submarine capacity, and therefore, Al-Fiti was part of these negotiations.

Al Jundi

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