Meggitt PLC supplies BAE Systems with Radom technology for Typhoon fighters

Meggitt PLC has won a‭ ‬£‭ ‬402‭ ‬million contract with BAE Systems to supply Radom technology to enable efficient operation of a multifunctional radar system in Typhoon fighter jets‭. ‬The UK has committed to developing new technologies that will provide the RAF Typhoon with‭ ‘‬electronic warfare capability‭’, ‬world level‭. “‬

As part of this program‭, ‬Meggitt says it used its advanced composite expertise to design a new‭, ‬higher and wider Radom to protect devices from environmental influences‭, ‬and prevent electromagnetic interference‭, ‬while being dynamically stable and highly transmissible to AESA radar system operating modes‭.‬

Al Jundi

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