MBDA Launches Mistral ATLAS RC Remote-Controlled Air Defense System

MBDA is showcasing its Mistral ATLAS RC missile at Eurosatory 2022, this latest generation system can be equipped with 2 or 4 Mistral missiles and can be mounted on light armored vehicles.

Mistral ATLAS RC is MBDA’s response to today’s requirements for a weapon system that combines high firepower, short reaction time, day/night surveillance and engagement capabilities, tactical and strategic mobility, providing a high level of crew protection.

Mistral ATLAS RC is a new Mistral system based on a remotely controlled turret, equipped with two or four Mistral missiles and the latest generation thermal sight, which can be mounted on light armored vehicles.

Mistral is a French transportable anti-aircraft missile, usually referred to as a portable infrared air defense system.

Al Jundi

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