Lockheed Martin offers advanced features to Kuwait’s F-18 Super Hornet

The American company, “Lockheed Martin”, revealed its success in integrating the advanced targeting sniper (ATP) incubator in the fleet of “F/A-18E/F Super Hornet” aircraft for the benefit of the Kuwaiti Air Force.

The company announced the completion of its first flight test after successfully merging the advanced incubator, in cooperation with the US Navy, and the incubator will be located at Weapons Station No. (5), which is the site designated within the aircraft to host the targeting platforms or weapons, and is likely to be attached to the aircraft of this model at the end of the year 2023 .

The company confirmed that this merger contributes to granting the existing and new Super Hornet fleets the ability to add the targeting and precision monitoring capabilities that characterize the Advanced Targeting Sniper Incubator, as these capabilities are very important to maintain the safety and survival of the pilot.

Al Jundi

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