Lockheed Martin equips fighters with a weapon system to shoot down missiles

Lockheed Martin offered a portable tactical laser weapon to shoot down missiles threatening the aircraft, whether surface-to-air or air-to-air missiles.

According to the company, the weapon contains laser beams inside. The technology Lockheed developed over the past 40 years on these types of systems includes usable laser designators.

Lockheed Martin refused to disclose the range and rate of laser fire, indicating that it will depend on the target that the US Air Force wants to defend.

Lockheed Martin says it is building on its role in developing a high-powered fiber laser for the US Air Force High Energy Research Laboratory (SHiELD) program. This program aims to place a compressed laser on a fighter plane by 2021, but it was delayed until 2023 due to technical problems.

Al Jundi

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